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Author: James Halliday
Date: Thu Mar 14 02:59:21 2013 -0700

This blog just got a new look, thanks in part to glog, a new markdown-powered, git-push blog server I whipped up a while back for the new browserify website.

glog uses pushover to speak git over http, so you can attach git-based markdown blogging into pretty much any web server. You can try it yourself, just do:

$ git clone

to download all the blog articles on my new website! When I want to publish a new article, I just need to commit a new markdown file to the blog repo, then:

$ glog publish article.markdown 'article title goes here'
$ git push publish master --tags

I'm hoping that this new blogging platform will cause me to blog more frequently in tinier tidbits now that it's much easier for me to author, publish, and revise content.

Check out the source of this very blog and the new browserify website for examples of how to use glog in your own site.

git clone