commit 3b81776c7b9f4ef36204ba40838089b8ca438ee6
Author: James Halliday
Date: Wed May 11 18:02:13 2011 +0000

Just off the plane from the first ever nodeconf where I gave a talk about dnode culminating in a live dnode-powered markov rap battle, I headed down to Music Hack Day, San Francisco with Marak to represent node.js.

Music Hack Day is a 24 hour hacking contest for musical hacks. I got in late but stayed the whole night and managed to hack up singsong, interface on top of festival's little-known singing voice synthesizer plugin. You can click on the staff to plop notes down and then use the text boxes below to associate bits of text with them.

Sample output: [ ogg ] | [ wav ]

It's not quite ideal since you've got to break up the words by syllables yourself. I wrote a lib that can do this automatically but didn't hack it in. Good enough for 24 hours at least. Check it out on github.

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