commit 28f5fa17172b586b6fc858284d3e14da2e4ce121
Author: James Halliday
Date: Tue Apr 20 13:44:02 2010 +0000

I am at work. I don't remember deciding to come in today. I wonder how many choices I actually make. I wonder how a collection of cells can make choices at all. Perhaps the concept of personal continuity is just a convenient fiction. An evolutionary artifact devised by my selfish genes To further their own agenda. The evidence suggests that I am just a loose connection of divisible parts. Perhaps it is not so much that I think therefore I am, But that someone thinks. Or perhaps something. Can things think? Am I someone or something? Is there a difference? Perhaps I am just an emergent property of an indifferent universe Which is expanding into nothingness at an accelerating rate. Even universes die. I will die too. In a sense I have already died countless times. As the person I am gives way to an imperfect copy. I am an impostor in my own skin, Coasting in the wake of my previous self: The previous self who decided I should come to work today. But life is much shorter than I had supposed. ```

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