emerging web technology consultancy

what we do

We are experts in what is now only just becoming possible on the web platform. We have deep expertise with webgl, p2p data replication, realtime communication, and we know how to build scalable and maintainable code out of small, reusable open source components.

how we're different

As a worker cooperative, we all have a direct stake in the success of our business. We use democracy to make decisions, not a management hierarchy. In our work, we partner with clients to match their more immediate needs with our grander ambitions for open ecosystems of high quality, modular code.

who we are

We are technologists and artists with decades of experience. We give talks, facilitate workshops, publish free and open source software, and participate in open collaboration with the greater community. We are always sharing what we know.

contact us

If you are interested in working with us, please email us at: