I built this standing desk in the garden so I can use my laptop and listen to music with bluetooth headphones in range of most of the gardens.

This is the area I where started.

These are the scraps I used, mostly pieces that had broken off of pallets. Perfectly good for this project.

Just nail them together.

Tada. There are some screws in there too. Whatever makes sense.

Perfectly adequate although the computer can get rained on and gets very hot out in the sun.

A roofing scrap to help with the rain.

A wider shot.

I put in some more mulch for the beans that were already growing and I planted more. I used the remaining scraps to shore up the beds.

Power comes from the pallet shed. This tofu container protects the 12v power port.

7 weeks later, the beans are much bigger. I also added some reflective material to keep the sun off somewhat.

This video shows the power setup from the laptop to the power port and into the pallet shed.