pull saw handle

These pull saws are great for projects but the plastic handle they come with is flimsy and the button eventually gives way and the saw blade won't stay put. I make handles for these saws which are much sturdier.

I start by cutting down a guava of the appropriate diameter. These are invasive and everywhere and they will also coppice quickly when cut down to a low stool, so they are never in short supply.

Then I cut the thick end to handle length.

I make a cut down the middle of one side that is long enough to house two bolts that will hold the blade in place.

I drill some holes with the hand drill and put some bolts in.

New saw versus an older saw handle of a similar design that is missing some teeth. I also had to set back the older saw farther into the handle and punch a new hole after one of the metal prongs holding the saw in place sheared off. I use these things pretty heavily.

The finished saw by itself.